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[The following are no longer up-to-date, but is included for historical interest.]

IU Press Reprint of Riddley Walker tentatively due out August 1998

IU Press director (and SFDG member) John Gallman says that the new reprint of Riddley Walker is tentatively due out August. The cover will be a Punch puppet from Mr. Hoban's collection, and there will be an illustration of the St. Eustace painting in the back of the book.

Wanted: Hard Words from Riddley Walker

Russell Hoban's book, Riddley Walker, is a favorite among some of our members. It is also out of print in the USA. SFDG member John Gallman, who is Director of IU Press, hopes to remedy that soon. He wants to add some special features to the IU Press version of Riddley Walker, and wants our help:

Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 14:55:43 -0500 (EST)
From: John Gallman
Subject: Riddley Speak

Dear Readers,

I've just gotten off the phone with Russell Hoban. Nice chat. He doesn't sound at all like Riddley.

I told him about our group, the hostiles and the friendlies, the resisters and the ostriches. He is willing to do a short intro to Riddley Speak and a Glossary. But he wants me to suggest a list of problem words, and I want you to help me (since I've figured most of them out on my oansome). My idea is that we would not have a complete glossary but a kind of introduction to the language with hints on how to puzzle words out and 20-25 examples.

Please let me have your suggestions.

We're going to use some version of the St. Eustace painting on the cover.

Trubba not,

To respond to John, click here, or send a note to jgallman@indiana.edu .