Mars Crossing by Geoffrey A. Landis

(discussed July 18, 2002)

On a ten-point scale (1=bad, 10=good), the people who read the book gave the following ratings: 3 (Chris), 3 (Jeff), 5 (Ignacio), 6 (Abe), 6 (Dedaimia), 7 (Dru), 8 (Judy), 8 (Julie), 9 (Peter), 9 (Raja)
Average: 6.4

Dedaimia Whitney (who wasn't at the meeting) pointed out that the book was done in an interesting style: Each chapter was quite short (rarely more than 5 pages). Raja quite liked this style; he described it as every chapter having a single, sharp point and making it. He particularly enjoyed this style after the meandering approach of Footfall.