The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch by Philip K. Dick

(discussed February 26, 2004)

On a ten-point scale (1=bad, 10=good), the people who read the book gave the following ratings: 1 (Chris), 3 (Jeff), 6 (John), 6 (Julie), 6 (Raja), 7 (Anne), 7 (Judy), 7 (Lisa), 7 (Peter), 8 (Ignacio), 9 (T.C.), 10 (Simms)
Average: 6.4

The book was "sponsored" by T.C. Bradley who said it was his favorite book by Philip K. Dick, and that he had read it numerous times, and that he found something new and interesting each time. He only rated it a 9 this time, but he said that was probably because he couldn't give it enough attention.

The three people who gave the book the highest ratings--Steve Simms, Ignacio Viglizzo, and T.C. Bradley--all had been to Catholic school and found the novel's parallels with Catholic rituals and rites to be fascinating. Other people (such as Peter Kuchera and Raja Thiagarajan) found the book disappointing because the plotting and characterization were weaker than in other PKD books, such as Ubik, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, and A Maze of Death.